About Vinay

In this fast-paced modern world, everyone needs entertainment to escape the humdrum of life. Think about it, there is no celebration in life which is complete without music, dancing, and entertainment. While some of us keep ourselves and others entertained by being the performers like our talented singers, dancers, actors, musicians; others keep themselves entertained by being an awesome audience. I myself mainly belong to the former group. My interest and love towards dancing grew at a very young age. However, due to cultural restrictions, I was not able to officially join a dance school as a kid. This did not stop me from learning dance. Where there is a will there is always a way.

Quite a few years flew by before I was able to show off my dancing skills in a documentary video during my first year as an undergraduate. During that time, I was elected Cultural Festival Committee Head at the college. My responsibilities included organizing, planning, and coordinating a 3-day annual cultural event. This opportunity helped me realize my skills and interests in event organizing and management. At that time, I also studied and learned how to play drums and performed with various bands across the city. I was at my peak for developing my love for music, dance, and event planning.

In 2007, I moved to the United States to pursue a career in IT. With a wonderful new career in front of me, there also came many challenges. It took me a few years to settle into my new country to learn new cultural ways of life. During those years, my love for dancing and event organizing was very much alive but hidden inside myself. When I moved to Seattle, I started attending many events, concerts, and clubs around the city in order to learn and understand the event industry in the United States. At that time, I started getting involved in socializing and networking with people who were prominent in the event business. I strongly believed in growing and progressing in life while making new friends along the way. My network of professionals and friends helped me explore and understand the event industry within the United States.

At one point, I moved to Dallas, TX, and started developing my plans and ideas to establish my own events and entertainment company. When I started to network and explore the event industry in Dallas, I started volunteering at Bollywood concerts and events. My first opportunity for event management was for a star-cast show called Dabang in 2018. Not only working and learning event management at such a high-level show with some of the biggest names from Bollywood but was a mesmerizing experience that helped me realize bigger challenges and goals for my future. While volunteering for the Dabang event with some concerts including A.R Rahman, I came across some like-minded talented people who were also passionate about event management and became a part of my event company team.

After years of research and planning, my accomplishments came into reality. I launched my event organizing and management company Topshot Events LLC in December 2018. Our goal was to have a launch event that was unique, elegant, and a benchmark. Due to my passion for dance, I got the privilege to invite my favorite super talented dancer, Lauren Gottlieb, to perform at our launch event. Also, my love for music gave me the opportunity to invite a DJ who is not only a friend but a very popular Bollywood DJ from Portland., Prashant Kakad.

On April 13, 2019, we laid out the red carpet and successfully executed our launch event “Jai Ho! Bollywood Fusion Night”. Since then, we have been driven to make our event bigger and better than ever before. We have organized 14 different Bollywood nights with different themes to cater to various unique interests for Dallas South Asian crowds.

Some of our best events include:

  • All White Bollywood Latin Night
  • Dance and Dazzle
  • Beer And Music Fest
  • Bollywood Masquerade Party
  • Bollywood Halloween Party
  • Friendsgiving Bollywood Night
  • Stand-up comedy with Bollywood Afterparty
  • The Vegas-style Bollywood NYE party Holi Glow Party

With so many Bollywood events, our goal is to bring communities together and enhance cultural growth in Dallas.

All our events are taken very seriously by incorporating needed steps including production, venue, promotions, creativity, and security, to name a few. The safety and comfort of our DJs, artists, guests, and patrons take first place and are top priority in all our events.

Outside of our fun Bollywood nights that have been organized and executed solely by Topshot Events, we also collaborated with other prominent event and entertainment companies in Dallas for some of the biggest concerts in 2019. Topshot Events has successfully executed events and stage management for some of the greatest celebrated singers of Bollywood including Guru Randhawa, Shreya Ghoshal, Ali Zafar, and Harbhajan Mann. From celebrity hospitality and security to coordination and other logistics along the way, we work non-stop to make our events run without any issues. After one year of successful event organization and management, I started looking for opportunities to serve the community through our work on events. We offered our services for two major charity galas in 2020. A Charity Gala Evening with Hrithik Roshan and Arya Dance Academy’s 5th Annual Charity Gala with Zack Knight.

I have been extremely privileged to receive three awards on behalf of my company and my team for all our hard work, humanitarian efforts, and success in the event industry in Dallas. I feel greatly honored to have received awards from Manushi Chhillar, former Miss World in February 2019, at Arya Dance Academy’s 4th Annual Charity Gala, from Sunglow Entertainment in August 2019 at the Shreya Ghoshal concert, and from Meenakshi Sheshadri in February 2020 at Arya Dance Academy’s 5th Annual Charity Gala. The appreciation and awards I have received have inspired me to aim for even bigger goals by widening my horizon in the events and entertainment world.

Ever since my first year in the event industry, I have come to realize my potential and my team’s potential for taking on new challenges and expanding into new areas of events and entertainment. Outside of Bollywood DJ nights, we are planning to host live EDM, hip-hop, Latin and fusion DJ nights along with a variety of fun, new themes. We are working on multiple projects to organize live concerts and shows with India’s renowned singers and celebrities. Topshot Events has grown from an event company to an event, entertainment, and production company. Already in 2020, we have successfully established our sister brands, ComedyFizz and Topshot Life.

ComedyFizz offering stand-up comedy at different venues in DFW and far beyond. Each show will host a perfect blend of comedians from different levels of experience and different backgrounds to cater to diverse audiences in DFW, while Topshot Life is a bigger vision focusing on dreamers, entertainers, and local talent. Our mission is to provide a platform for artistic development and give them all the resources to materialize their ideas into life. Topshot Events has come a very long way since our launch that would not have been possible without the support and encouragement from my family, from my Topshot team, friends, and amazing Dallas Audiences.

A dream is only a dream ad will remain so if you do not take steps to make that dream a reality. If you have a strong passion, you have an obligation to yourself to develop that passion and let it grow. Passions and dreams do not always happen overnight. Get involved with others who have the same passion and learn everything you possibly can. Over time, you might just discover a small sprout that took root and became a might Oak Tree!

Cheers to all!